Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to enjoy the beautiful city of Helsinki from a local's perspective!

Day With A Local Helsinki provides personalized private tours & programs including local lifestyle and culture, connects travellers and locals and helps visitors to have a worry-free time in Helsinki and surroundings around the year. A Local is your personal tour guide and more. Soon you know the city like a local!

During your tour you will meet a local, see Helsinki highlights from a local's point of view and you will also get lots of tips for the rest of
your holiday.

Have you got questions? Please have a look at this page: 'Before You Book & Buy' and 'During your Day With A Local'. If you don't find an answer, please do not hesitate to contact us.

For company information, have a look at About us.

Private tours from a local's point of view, held by a Local: Choose where you want to go with your guide, have a look at the Finnish everyday life, and - best of all - meet a Local!


I'd like to find information outside your website. Where could I find it?

- We're active daily on Facebook and almost daily on Instagram and Twitter.
- Our guests tell about their experiences on TripAdvisor.
- We're on MyStay on Visit Finland website.
- Girl In Florence visited Helsinki on Midsummer 2015 and loved her Midsummer Eve With A Local.
- We've been mentioned on 'This Is Proof that Finland Is One of the Most Welcoming Countries' by AFAR.

What kind of services and products have you got?

- Helsinki With A Local | Fully customized tour according to your wishes | Choose the length and contents of the day | Also day trips to a nearby destinations | Groups of 1 to 8 can book up to 12 hours before meeting | Groups of 9 or more can contact us in advance by e-mail | In English, Spanish, Japanese and Finnish
- Helsinki Specials | Ready tailored experiences with a Local | Themes: Neighbourhood walks, Wartime Memories | In English and Finnish
- In 2017 we focus on private Day With A Local tours. There are no public tours available in 2017.

Who owns this company?

- This is a small start-up created and owned by Liisa Eskelinen.

There are many tour guide companies and websites offering locals to show around. Why would I choose you?

- Our team members know each other. You aren't meeting just a random person from an online platform.
- All services, restaurants, cafés and other that we recommed have been experienced by at least one of our team members.
- Our recommendations are real. We don't get a commission from any of your purchases.
For paid advertisements we approve only cooperation partners that we've recommended already before cooperation in advertising.
- In cooperation deals, you get the advantage, whether it's a discount or an extra for our valued guests.

What is a Local?

- A Local is your tour guide and more. During your tour you will meet a Local, see Helsinki highlights from a Local's point of view and you will also receive lots of tips for the rest of your holiday. Your Local will be ready to answer your questions about Finnish culture and lifestyle, as well as take you around the city for a smooth and worry-free experience in Helsinki.

Authorization is not required nor needed in Finland to be a guide. This is not an authorized guide service, better yet it's an experience with a Local.

Why would I buy your service?

- If you are looking for a different experience than a bus tour with headphones, you're now definitely in the right place. No more waiting for dozens of people to fit in to the same tourist bus! No more passing by everything interesting and having a failed photo from the bus window of a sight you would have wanted to visit! No more long lectures heard from the headphones, with no possibility to ask any questions. You will also learn how to cope with the Finnish ä and ö letters! With a Local you will have a closer look at the city, and you will also get a lot of ideas for the rest of your holiday.

Isn't it expensive to have your own private tour guide?

- Our prices for your own Day With A Local are available on our website, so you know exactly what you are paying. If you pay your tour online, you will get a discount. We don't combine groups because we want to focus on you on your day here.

How many people can participate?

- You decide with whom you spend the day with. Regular pricing is for groups of 1 to 8 people. Bigger groups, please contact us by e-mail.

We're interested, but our group is bigger than 8 people. Could we still have our Day With A Local?

- You're very welcome, but to keep the idea, we'll host you with 2 or more Locals. The idea is to have interaction, not just to 'follow the umbrella'! If your group is bigger than 8 people, please send us e-mail. We cannot guarantee last minute availability for big groups. There will be an additional service group for the arrangements (minimum 60 euros).

How can I make a confirmed booking?

- To book your Day With A Local, you may check availabity in our online booking system to have your tour on a desired date and time, or e-mail us. After you have made the reservation successfully, you may pay your tour in our online store and save money!

Why is the price same for all group sizes (1-8 persons) on private tours?

- On private tours the price is based on the length of your day, not on the size of your group (1-8 persons). The price includes our Local's tour guide service, for other expenses you will pay everything else yourself. This means that you can choose where you spend your money!

What is and isn't included in the private tour price?

This is included:
- Your Local tour guide for the desired time
- Recommendations By Locals pdf leaflet (e-mailed to you before your tour)
- Your Local's admission fees, food and drinks, when going to places which your Local suggests
- Your Local's public transportation in Helsinki, Vantaa, Espoo, Kauniainen, and Porvoo
- Value Added Tax (24 %)

This is NOT included:
- Your admission fees, in case we visit any place which has an entrance fee
- Your tickets to public transportation (in 2017 Helsinki 9 € / 24 hours/person, Helsinki, Espoo & Vantaa (incl. airport) 14 € / 24 hours/person) and transportation on any other methods
- Your food, drinks or any personal purchases, unless otherwise mentioned
- When going somewhere by your special request: Local's admission fees, other than public transportation, food or drinks (you can request only places where Local's costs are covered!)
- All transportation costs outside Helsinki, Vantaa, Espoo, Kauniainen and Porvoo

Where do I get additional information?

- Please do not hesitate to ask further questions about our services. The best way to contact us by e-mail helsinki(a) or on WhatsApp +358 44 4000 404, as we cannot guarantee we can take phone calls when we are with customers. We reply always so please check your Spam folder in case you haven't received a reply from us in 24 hours!


Where will we meet?

- Your Local will meet you in a location which is most convenient for you to start your Day With A Local: cruise port, hotel lobby, airport or other.

- Please notice that Introduction To Helsinki With A Local (1.5 hours) is available only within 1 km from Stockmann's or the meeting point is under the Stockmann's clock at Aleksanterinkatu 52, 'under the Stockmann's clock', where also locals meet.

How will I recognize a Local? What does a Local wear?

- Local wears her/his own clothes. We don't use any uniforms. You don't need to worry about someone else spotting a Local from miles away based on their clothing.

- We do have a badge on us when we meet you but we usually don't wear a badge even during your Day With A Local. If we meet you in the port or at the airport, we'll be holding a sign with Day With A Local pin and your name.

What should we wear?

- As we will be walking quite a bit, please wear comfortable walking shoes.

- Helsinki is located on the coast of Finland, next to the Baltic Sea, and the weather can change rapidly. Therefore please be prepared for colder weather with a cardigan or a light coat even on a summer day. Please note, that the summer temperature can be anything between +5 and +35 Celsius and the winter temperature can be anything between +10 and -25 Celsius. During the summer months (June-August) the day temperature is usually between +15 and +25 Celsius. It is also good to have an umbrella or a rain jacket with you in case it

- Additional instructions on what to wear are provided in the description of the product, if you are going, for example, to the forest or sea excursion.

Do we need anything else?

- Credit card works almost everywhere but for buying public transportation tickets from a tram/bus, you'll need cash.

- It is highly recommended that you've got travel insurance as in the very unlikely event of an accident the costs of health care are high. Also in a last minute cancellation your travel insurance might cover it.

How will we move around?

- In general we walk and use public transportation when moving around. Public transportation is very convenient, clean and cost-effective in Helsinki. If you'd like to use private transportation for a part of your day or for the whole day, we can arrange a taxi/van for you, if needed.

Where will we go?

- During private Day With A Local it is up to you what kind of customized program you want to have. Your itinerary is based on your interests and on the length of the chosen tour. Please inform us about your wishes and interests in advance. If you make your order more than 3 days before your tour, you will get your itinerary to your e-mail at latest 2 days before your tour if you wish. You can request changes to the program even during the day.

- On Helsinki Specials the route depends on the theme of the tour.

Can we go to Suomenlinna Fortress?

- We can visit the Suomenlinna Fortress as Locals, and

have a picnic there for example. Unfortunately our Locals cannot guide you around the Suomenlinna Fortress islands. It is not allowed to guide there because our Locals aren't members of the Ehrensvärd Society. If you want to include a guided tour in Suomenlinna Fortress to your day, we can arrange it with an additional cost.

What if we're late from the agreed meeting time?

- Your Local will wait you for 15 minutes without notice, and until the informed time with notice, but the length of your tour is still calculated from the agreed meeting time. Please be on time to your meeting with your Local to make the most of your day! If your flight or cruise is late from its schedule, your Local will be waiting for you no matter how much your cruise or flight is delayed.

What if we aren't satisfied?

- Our priority is to arrange you the best day possible. In case you feel like the tour doesn't meet your expectations, feel free to share your thoughts during and/or after your tour with your Local, and we will find a solution together. Until now our guest have been very satisfied with their Day With A Local experiences!